Connect and Care


Well-being in Care Settings


















The sessions are bespoke to each setting and can include any of the following group sessions:
  • Mindful Movements – a yoga session that is inclusive; the movements can be adapted for people with limited movement and can also be done in a chair. The session also includes a deep relaxation that will result in all participants to be relaxed and refreshed.
  • Mindfulness sessions- the mindfulness sessions use all of the senses to help bring the participants into the present moment.  They will help with focus and attention and increase relaxation and well-being.
  • Relaxation sessions – these sessions are based on different meditative activities – designed to promote the relaxation response.

These sessions require a communal space




 so that participants can connect with each other and build relationships to help promote well-being.















Individual Therapeutic Sessions

To compliment the group connection sessions, to further enhance the well-being of the participants, each person can have an individual session or therapy to help them relax even further.  These can be of varying lengths of time depending on the needs of the individual and will be discussed and agreed with key staff prior to any treatment taking place. Treatments available are:

  • Seated acupressure massage – there is no need to remove any clothing for this treatment, this takes place on the therapy chair.
  • Top to toe treatment – this involves massage of face, hands, lower legs and feet can be take place on own bed or therapy couch.
  • Mini reflexology Treatment – this can take place on own bed or therapy couch.
  • Aryuvedic foot massage – using oils and a special Kansa bowl – this can take place on own bed or therapy couch.
  • Reiki Treatment – this can be contact or non contact and can take place on the therapy chair, couch or n own bed.
  • individual 1-1 relaxation/meditation sessions also available.

Brenda the well-being practitioner is a teacher with ten years experience in working in Special Need Schools and is experienced in working with a range of needs including Autism, AHDD, challenging behaviour, severe and complex learning needs and SEMH.  She holds a fully enhanced DBS checked to work with vulnerable adults and children.

All sessions both group and individual will be sensitively facilitated and will take into account any needs that the setting provides for.  This will involve being given essential information needed to help the sessions run smoothly.

Connection is key to helping people thrive, we need human connection and support to enable us to become resilient and able to deal with the challenges that life presents to us.  Working together, being a part of something, having interests in common and just being with someone that you know cares about your well-being cannot be under-estimated.
Living in a care setting, can give us amazing opportunities to be part of a group and feel connected and supported.  Group activities can strengthen these bonds and enhance well being due to chemicals that are released when we are working together with people that we can trust and that also trust us.  A study showed that oxytocin (the brain chemical that helps bonding with others) is released when we work with people we trust (click here to find out more about the study). 

If you would like further information about the sessions then please get in touch here.