Mindfulness for You and Your Inner Child Coming soon

Dates and Venue to be released soon for this course frog-1514628_1280 lighter

Please note: these are not drop-in sessions

This is a course of 8 sessions to help you and your inner child in a playful, fun way become more mindful and to pay attention to the present moment with openness, curiosity and warmth.

Mindfulness can be a way to become more compassionate to yourself and others in your life, it can also help with stress and anxiety.

8-week course    Week One: TBC

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 Week 1 – Intention:                intention road-1668916_1280

Intention refers to the inner decision to be mindful. This relies on motivation. In the first session, we learn how the brain can change and grow and why paying attention to the present moment can be of benefit.

Week 2 – Attention:                attention stop-634941_1280

Attention refers to the practice of bringing the attention back to the present moment. In this session we practise attention, consider how it’s key to our experience and how it tends to wander. You will also start to train your attention to be present.

Week 3 – Attitude:                   attitude young-woman-2194038_1280

Attitude refers to the way we pay attention. In this session we recognise the value of non-reactivity; we also start to cultivate the freshness of the beginner’s mind and we also learn to develop willpower and diligence.

Week 4 – Gratitude:                grattude heart-1318847_1280

Gratitude refers to the practice of recognising and appreciating the conditions of health and happiness that are available for us in the present moment. This is the focus of this session.

Week 5 – Resilience:                  resiliance crocus-2147101_1280

Resilience refers to the art of handling difficult emotions, thoughts, and mind-states with wisdom, courage and awareness. In this session, we explore the natural reaction to turn away from difficulty and instead cultivate the capacity to “be-with” the difficult. We also explore the idea that thoughts are not facts.

Week 6 – Kindness to self:       kindness to self sunblock-1461397_1280

By the time we get to this session we will have become quite familiar with our own minds and we are ready to begin cultivating an attitude of kindness and warmth towards ourselves. We explore what is meant by kindness conceptually, and also how we can be kind to ourselves in practical ways.

Week 7 Kindness to Others:  kindness to others heart-700141_1280

Building on the understanding that everybody wants to be happy and nobody wants to suffer we begin to practice cultivating kindness towards others, beginning with friends and family, then extending the practice to colleagues, acquaintances and strangers and others.  We will also cover acts of kindness.

Week 8 – Purpose:                     purpose black-redstart-1918467_1280

In this session we reflect on all we have covered over the course in the preceding seven weeks and in this session we develop a personal mission statement, articulating a vision for integrating what we have learned over the sessions.

Cost – £20 per week (£10 concs)    £140 (£72 concs) in advance  

* Free bursary may be available please get in touch to discuss (£20 Deposit secures place)