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Delicious Delights

Aryuvedic foot massage a delightful combination of oils applied liberally to your lower legs and feet. A treatment from India, using traditional massage techniques and a Kansa wand. This treatment works on the foot chakras to refresh, revitalise and nourish you.

Mini reflexology treatment a scrumptious foot treatment for the reflexology points on your feet. You will feel as if you have had a full body massage.

Hand massage  a yummy, scrummy massage using pre-mixed aromatherapy oils – designed to relax and refresh

Tip to Toe – a totally delicious holistic treatment that covers you from your head to your toes.  Feel relaxed, a release and refreshed.

Chakra Charms

Moving moments  a lovely sequence of mindful movements to work through and awaken the chakras – amazing to help the chakras open for Reiki

The chakric breath  an enchanting meditation for you to really focus on the chakras prior to receiving Reiki

Revitalising Reiki

Pure Reiki  an enchanting experience of pure Reiki energy for connection, vision, truth, love, fire, bliss and grounding – relax and enjoy

Turbo Reiki  a very powerful short blast of Reiki energy to boost all 7 chakras with fewer hand placements – be prepared for feeling great

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Please Note!!

* All sessions times will include consultation time and aftercare advice and therefore actual treatment time will be reduced accordingly to incorporate this.

** Means tested benefits, unwaged or a member of The Wendy Centre Collective

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