Autism Awareness for the Workplace

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As a responsible and ethical employer, you will want to be inclusive in, your recruitment policy, to get the best person for the position.
You adhere to best practices regarding equality and diversity and you pride yourself on your equality for opportunity policy.
You will have the best working practices and a great retention rate, therefore keep the costs of recruitment and training new staff to a minimum.

Autistic adults are put at a disadvantage in most aspects of job creation.

Starting with the job description and person specification, this can create barriers in the way of participation in the application process.
Interviewers look for great social and communication skills in applicants even if they are not needed for that position which can exclude people that have the best skills and aptitude for the job.

These barriers can continue even when the person has beaten the odds and is successful in getting a  job.

Find out how you can help to break down the barriers by attending or sending key staff on this course.

Only available as a closed course.

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