Working Mindfully

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The wellbeing sessions for a staff meeting are a mixture of information and enjoyable practical activities based on Mindfulness 

Sessions include:

An introduction to neuroplasticity

A vital part of understanding how we as human beings can change our patterns of thinking, relating and being – it seems you can teach old dogs new tricks!

We will start with an introduction to neuroplasticity – how the brain can change, and regrow new neural pathways and the relationship and its importance to learning.

Discuss the idea that we can gain new positive habits relating to focus/productivity and brain state.

Activities relating to focusing, the how of paying attention!

How to start to have some control over our mischievous monkey minds, that pull us into distractions leading to procrastination, anxiety, unhappiness which can turn into depression and at times mean we treat ourselves unkindly.

We will explore the benefits of being mindful (being in the present moment), how it can assist or be used as a tool when learning or working on a task and how it increases focus, attention.  It also has the great benefit of being able to be used to shift an uncomfortable or inappropriate state of mind.

A range of Mindful, Meditative activities and tools

That we can use in our everyday life, to keep us focused and more present in our lives and our work.

A range of sensory and somatic experiential mindful activities will take place to cover the wheel of mindfulness; sight, sounds, touch, taste, smell, movement, thought and emotions.

These activities will then comprise a toolkit of activities that staff can take with them and use in daily life, and hopefully, once the benefits are experienced, if the session takes place in a school, the toolkit can then be shared with the children in their classes to help them to improve focus and attention in lessons.

These sessions can be for a staff meeting, or half or full day. 
£100 for 1hr session, £145 for 1.5 hr session for up to 20 staff members.

10% off sessions for members of the East Midlands Chamber

Please get in touch with your requirements.

Download PDF: Working Mindfully Dec 17